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Friday Night Live Kids is designed for kids in grades 4-6. This program focuses on developing and expanding social skills. Activities are organized to engage youth socially, to expand their ability to express themselves in social environments, and to help youth help themselves actively engage with peers. FNL activities include Holiday Pajama Jam and Karaoke, movies, raffles, bingo nights, bowling, etc.

Membership is open to any 4th or 5th grade student. Membership is $3 and is still open to those who wish to sign up! You MUST be a member in order to attend any Friday Night Live event.

Become a member today!!

Membership is open to all 4th and 5th grade students! Initial permission slips went out on Friday. Please fill them out and turn them in as soon as possible. FNL activities are open to members only! In order to apply for a leadership position, you must have an initial permission slip turned in. Our first event is August 28!


Mr. Holley       Mrs. Chan
Mrs. Keels      Miss Sadler


FNL "Shoot for the Stars" Paint Party

Thanks "Art Barn" and Susan Turley