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Guidelines For Student Behavior

Items not to bring to school:

  • Possession of any kind of weapon, knife, or dangerous object is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, guns, knives, ammunition, fireworks or other explosives, tools, kitchen utensils, letter openers, lasers, and chains. Imitations, such as toys, will be treated as the genuine article.
  • Electronic games, cell phones, music boxes, Walkmans, trading cards, or any other type of object or toy that can cause distractions, are not permitted at school.If confiscated,these items will need to be picked up by a parent in the office.
  • Harmful substances, like tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or things that look like tobacco, alcohol, or drugs are not allowed at school.
  • Skateboards and roller blades are not allowed at school.

Student safety:

  • No fighting, hitting, pushing, or play fighting at school. This includes on the way to and from school.
  • Instances that include instigating, promoting, or encouraging students to fight are not permitted.
  • Helmets must be worn with bicycles. Students will not be allowed to leave campus without one.
  • Medicines must be in their original containers and must be kept in the Health Assistant’s office. Students may not carry medication on campus.
  • Verbal or physical threats of any manner will not be tolerated.
  • Students will be required to follow all playground rules and walk on the playground. Tag is never permitted.
  • Students are expected to line up for class in an orderly fashion without pushing, yelling, or causing a disturbance. Students need to wait quietly for their teacher to meet the line.
  • Students should always walk on campus.
  • Students are required to follow all safety rules while riding on any Beaumont Unified bus.

Demonstrating respect and responsibility:

  • Respect yourself and always treat others with respect. Racial or ethnic slurs, name calling, sexual harassment (4 th or 5 th graders), and bad language will not be tolerated.
  • Show respect to all staff members and all adults on campus.
  • Gum chewing is not permitted on campus. All food should be eaten in the cafeteria, multipurpose room, or at the outside tables. Carbonated drinks are not permitted.
  • Take care of all assigned school materials and equipment, including textbooks, computer, playground equipment, and any other school property. Students who vandalize or destroy school property will be required to pay for damages.
  • Students need to enter the cafeteria area quietly and use a whisper voice.

Being ready to learn:

  • Students must come to school each day prepared to learn.
  • Students will be required to complete and return all class work and homework as assigned.